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WoW RUS gametime timecard playtime 30/60/90/180 days

Название:WoW RUS gametime timecard playtime 30/60/90/180 days
Продавец: MMOPEON.ru [Информация о продавце]
Товар: (16 )
Описание: How to pay for russian world of warcraft account from Europe or any other location? I can help you to get gametime for russian world of warcraft account!

Requires account sharing for 2-5 minutes!
ONLY FOR _RUSSIAN_ ACCOUNTS (living country must be Russian Federation and payment currency is RUR - russian rubles)

Please read feedbacks to be sure that I donacute;t want to scam you! Only buyers can leave feedbacks here.

#9658; WHY IS IT SAFE?
When you share login and password for your battle.net account, I will ask you to tell me a verification code, that Blizzard will send to your email/sms or Authenticator code. After sharing this code I instantly log into your battle.net account, pay for gametime and log out. Usually it takes about 2 minutes. You canacute;t loose your account because you donacute;t share secret answer and question! I donacute;t want to risk my reputation for your ~450 rubles! You will get gametime in ~20-40 minutes if Blizzard will not have any technical problems at the payment-time.

On this page you can buy a gametime for russian world of warcraft account. You must have WoW Classic account (BC+ Lich King + Cataclysm + Mists of Pandaria) or Warlords of Draenor. NOT for trial accounts!

After payment you will get the unique 16-symbols code - Share this code to me with your password for battle.net account. If Iacute;m online, delivery time will be 10-30 minutes. All necessary steps will be made for 2-5 minutes (if you will respond quickly to my messages), rest of the time goes on receipt of the payment;
I will log in to your account using account management https://eu.battle.net/login/ru. NOTE that I will not log into the game!! When I will log in, you will get the verification code, that Blizzard will send to your email/sms, or if you have Authenticator, give me that code. After sharing this code I instantly log into your battle.net account, pay for gametime and log out.
After that I ASK YOU TO LEAVE A POSITIVE FEEDBACK. It is very nesessary because only buyers can leave feedbacks and your feedback will be very helpful for future orders and persons who doubts about the honesty of this sale.

Delivery time: 5 minutes - 24 hours. It takes ~ 5 minutes after CHECKING the unique code. The term of delivery may be extended for an indefinite period due to technical problems at Blizzard. For these problems the seller is not responsible.

Please donacute;t panic if you bought gametime and I donacute;t answer you. It means that Iacute;m offline. When Iacute;m online, I send messages as fast as I can.
Good luck Have fun!
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3 % 500 $.
Доп.Информация: MMOPEON - more than 5 years on plati.ru - only positive feedbacks! Quality assurance and first-class service!
Look at all my feedbacks and goods here: http://www.plati.ru/asp/seller.asp?id_s=116853
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